Arvo-Tec – smart fish farming technology from Finland

From a small town in Eastern Finland comes Arvo-Tec Oy – a well-known technology supplier for the global aquaculture industry.

We develop and manufacture smart technology for aquaculture with the aim of making the feeding process more efficient, while keeping the environmental load sustainable.

Our main focus lies in providing solutions for the constantly developing RAS-facilities. What we have to offer is a wide range of products focused around the fish feeding process that is essential during the whole lifecycle from start to finish, be it trout, shrimp or something else.

Within Finnish borders we deliver our systems directly to our customers, however over 95 % of our production gets exported. We have a growing network of representatives that make sure that our robust, Finnish technology is made available all over the world.

We have solid competence in the quality of our products, expertise and know-how, backed up by a long history of successful projects scaling from small research units, to complete RAS system deliveries -spanning over three decades.

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25 years of experience transformed into solid and reliable technology

To remain competitive we maintain continuous collaboration with leading operators across the industry. Our goal remains to keep improving the sustainability and durability of fish farming by prioritizing the quality of our products and services.

In our strife to remain one of the leading suppliers, we have recruited some of the top know- how from other fields to benefit our technology and marketing. Our products are being tested in hostile and demanding operating environments daily and they keep standing up to the test of time. They are proven solutions for modern fish farming!

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