Centralized Feeding System

When operating with largest quantities of feed there certain requirements and a demand for a system that can run 24/7 without fail as every hour of downtime can get costly. For these needs we’ve developed our centralized feeding system that can meet the demands with the reliability and consistency that are required in such operations.

Arvo-Tec centralized feeding system uses researched, reliable and accurate methods for dosing and delivery. New materials are being utilized to minimize pipe related issues – increasing the life of the main feed pipeline significantly, resulting in a system where only a portion of the pipeline needs to be maintained.

The system uses comparably low air pressure to operate thus eliminating the possible air heating problem and the resulting issues in the pipeline and feed.

The centralized feeding system is a lightweight, modular system that is easy to install and maintain. Each centralized system consists of 1-4 feed silos and up to 28 feeding points at adjustable ~100-200g/s feeding speed. To further increase the capacity, multiple systems can work together while being accessible from just one user interface.

The centralized feeding system also features inbuilt generator controls for when the system is being used periodically –or is not manned at all times. The centralized system undergoes constant development to further increase its potency for all applications, especially RAS.

Minimize loss with smart technology

Not only is the system a way to transfer feed, it also calculates the exact need of feed in real time based on the species and size of the fish while taking into account the water temperature as well as DO levels. If there is no need for probes to be connected to the feeding system you can operate the system based on manually set values.

The centralized feeding system has all the features that come with the Arvo-Tec control system and it makes use of the same user interface as our other products. This means you have a range of tools at your disposal for monitoring, alarms, generating reports and extensive data collection.

If you are interested to hear what possibilities our centralized feeding system has to give, please contact us!

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