Feeding Control System – comprehensive solution for fish farming

Arvo-Tec feeding control system has a variety of features: it combines precise feeding with water quality monitoring, data logging and alarm functions.

The same control system is used for Single Feeder TD2000, Robot Feeding & Centralized feeding and they can all be linked together as one feeding network. This means you can have one section of production covered by single feeders and another by centralized feeding, or any other combination of our feeding solutions. Accessing all systems from one interface is very handy, especially when it is all cloud based and in the palm of your hand.

The control system monitors water temperature and oxygen levels, while making use of a mathematical/biological energy demand model to calculate the right amount of feed for each dosing unit in real time based on the size and species of fish. Additionally more water parameters can be monitored by connecting the desired probes to the system and used to limit the feeding when necessary.

After installing Arvo-Tec feeding control system, you will notice a significant reduction in the daily workload required. The efficiency and accuracy directly helps to decrease the environmental load by minimizing waste feed. This becomes especially important in RAS environments where any excess particles in the water play a major role. A healthy, sanitary system promotes healthy fish and more accurate and scalable feeding lead into producing more uniform fish.

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Smart technology for more efficient processes

The control system consists of one or several control units. Use them to form a feeding network or operate as a stand-alone version. These control units can be operated locally or remotely via our web based user interface – ArvoPRO.

With ArvoPRO you can opt for cloud based version. Subscribing to the cloud service gives you the freedom to access the system from all smart devices and computers without any additional software or app requirements. Control units also have the capability to work while in safe mode – for example, if there is an interruption in data network, the units will continue working independently.

Arvo-Tec control unit accepts external signals from other systems. For example if you already have an oxygen monitoring system in place with the capability to extract signals, you can use these signals to interrupt the feeding process when required with ease. In turn Arvo-Tec control unit can be set to trigger emergency oxygenation when required and it can even be used as advanced photoperiodic controller to simulate sunrise and sunset.

Automatic or manual adjustment?

Feeding Control System has its own biological formula for calculating the correct amount of feed in real time. The system has a selection of these feeding formulas to make use of for different species. These formulas can be tailored to suit your specific needs, resulting in ideal feeding routine that adapts automatically each day as the fish grows. On top of the automation the feeding rates can be further adjusted manually or you can override the automation completely and set a flat feeding rate.

While operating, the system collects data from each connected probe and this data can then be used to tune the feeding process and create reports. During standard operation the control system reads temperature and the oxygen levels in the water, but additional probes may also be connected. Each control unit has the capacity to monitor 8 different parameters simultaneously.

If you wish to operate the feeding system without any probes connected you can simply switch to manual mode.

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