Feeder TD2000 – accurate and easy to use

Feeder TD2000 is a simple and compact solution for more efficient feeding. The dosing unit will fit in your hand, yet has the capacity to handle up to 48kg/hour of feeding around the clock accurately and reliably.

Even though the feeder’s technology is simple and easy to use it is also highly accurate, with stainless steel springs ensuring that each dosing cup is emptied completely on each rotation. Smallest single dose starts from 0,1g and there are a selection of dosing drums to choose from, enabling the efficient dosing of pellets all the way from 100 microns up to 13 mm. In typical use the accuracy of the device is more than 99%

The Feeder TD2000 is modifiable with variety of different add-ons to combine with the device. Hopper sizes start from 1 litre and go up to 150l, with multiple options for stands. When it comes to spreading the feed over the surface of the tank there are options to choose from. You can fit the Feeder with either a spinning electric spreader or pneumatically operated directional spreader, providing good spread for different shapes and sizes of tanks.

By combining different dosing drums, hopper sizes and spreaders the same feeder can take care of the complete feeding process from hatchery to on-growing. It is this scalability that allows the system to be so versatile making it a viable option for such a wide range of species and applications.

Long-lasting devices provide reliability and cost-efficiency

The Feeder motor is built to last and is contained in a highly water-resistant unit that can even survive being submerged for some time in fresh water while remaining operational. This is not of course recommended but we know that it can happen. High quality motor combined with stainless steel reinforced frame makes the feeder long-lasting and durable even in the toughest environments. Basic maintenance and cleaning operations can be done easily without any special tools as well as changing the dosing drum. Daily operation is made as simple as can be.

The fact that same feeder is used for so many applications around the world means that spare parts are widely available.

Smart controller for optimized growth

Combine Feeder TD2000 with Arvo-Tec control system to unlock its full potential.

The single feeders perform most efficiently when controlled by the Arvo-Tec control unit – WOLF. While the TD2000 feeders can also be integrated to other systems, they are at their best when being used together with the control system that was designed for them. Each one of these control units can handle up to 32 individual feeders with unique set of parameters for each one. Furthermore several controllers can be linked together to form a complete feeding network that spans across the entire farm no matter how many halls or tanks you may have. If a single feeder cannot cover a larger tank alone, several feeders can work together to achieve complete coverage –while still only using one of the 32 slots on the control unit.

The TD2000 feeder system has all the features that come with using the Arvo-Tec control system and it makes use of the same user interface ArvoPRO as our other products. This means you have a comprehensive range of tools at your disposal for monitoring, alarms, generating reports and extensive data collection.

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