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Efficient and environmentally friendly production technology

Dry land fishing farming technology

Arvo-Tec Oy’s recirculation technology can increase production while reducing environmental impact. The nutrient loading of water recirculation farms is only a fraction of the load in a flow-through system.

Recirculation farms are built in insulated roofed buildings. Thus weather does not affect production and the working environment is comfortable year-round. Because tanks are not located in open bodies of water, it is possible to control growing conditions and environmental impacts with great precision. Yet building costs are not significantly different from the building costs of comparable traditional inland systems.

Recirculation technology is based on the circulation of water in tanks, as the name suggests. Water in tanks is filtered mechanically, aerated, biologically processed and disinfected through ozonation. After oxygenation water is returned to the breeding tanks.

The total continuous control of growing conditions (temperature, oxygen, water quality etc.) enables a production cycle that is 2-3 times faster, along with superior cost efficiency.

The recirculation system is separate for each tank. This reduces the risk of spreading fish diseases.

Schematic drawing of Arvo-Tec’s recirculation technology solution (pdf)