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Efficient and environmentally friendly production technology

Pipe feeding system

The pipe feeding system is a centralized solution for high volume feeding  (up to 12tons/day) to be used in offshore –and land based farming as well as RAS-facilities. Arvo-Tec pipe feeding system uses reliable and accurate methods to dose and feed with the precision that has become our trademark. The used technology is also gentle on the feed itself resulting in minimal damage to pellets.

The system uses comparably low air pressure to operate thus eliminating the air and feed heating problem in the pipeline and cutting out the need for a cooling component before feed injection.

Each tank is controlled separately by Arvo-Tec control system. The control system is a comprehensive feeding, measurement and alarm system built around Arvo-Tec professional controller - WOLF.

The system takes environmental parameters like oxygen and temperature into account and calculates fish growth based on a mathematical energy demand model. All parameters can also be adjusted manually. The system can for example be set to feed in shorter and more intense cycles or to spread the daily dose over as evenly as possible through the whole feeding period.

The system is also designed to work out at sea. The system can placed on a barge with a generator. WOLF has inbuilt automatic, adjustable generator controls.

The feed silos will ideally be placed in a feed storage area where they can be refilled easily. From there the system uses a powerful blower to propel the feed down a single 75 mm PE pipe to revolvers and onwards up to ˜300 metres away. This single pipe principle reduces the required pipe amount minimizing possible pipe related problems.

The pipe feeding system as a whole is lightweight and modular. Easy to handle and easy to transport, each system can be built to support 1-4 different feeds. Easily expandable up to 28 tanks with a single blower and controller. Add further systems for larger farms.