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Efficient and environmentally friendly production technology

Feeding control system

The feeding control system of Arvo-Tec Oy combines feeding, measuring and alarms into the same system. The system automatically takes into account water temperature and oxygen level when it calculates the amount of feed required for each tank.

The control system is decentralised and fault-tolerant. For example, if a data connection is interrupted, local units continue to operate independently.

A biological mathematical model is used to automatically calculate the feed required. The model is calibrated for several different fish species. In addition, differences between farms can be taken into account based on information and experience collected by the system.

In addition to water temperature and oxygen level, measurements can also be made to utilise other parameters such as the water’s PH, flow and surface height.

The feeding control system reduces workload. Its superior accuracy and efficiency in feeding reduces environmental impact and reduces the size difference between fish. Fish are healthier as a result of improved tank hygiene.

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