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The Arvo-Tec T Drum 2000 feeder works for both fry feeding and further breeding. The holding capacity of the smallest version is one litre, running all the way up to 150 litres.
The Arvo-Tec T Drum 2000 feeder was designed for accuracy and simplicity making it easy to use.
The feeder boasts a wide range of accessories making it versatile: hoppers, spreaders, stands, hangers etc.

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The accuracy of the feeder in typical conditions is over 98%  The dosing drum can be selected according to need from 0.1 gram to 100 grams with maximum theoretical feeding rate of 48kg / h 

The feeder’s robust motor is encased in water resistant compartment. This together with stainless steel reinforced parts make the feeder long lasting. Normal servicing and cleaning can be done without tools and rotating base makes it easy to work on.