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Efficient and environmentally friendly production technology

Environmental impacts of fish farming

There is a big demand for environmentally friendly fish farming. The world’s oceans are overfished while the consumption of fish is increasing. Indeed, according to the UN’s statistics, fish farming has been the world’s fastest growing sector of food production for ten years already.

The phosphorous burden on the environment caused by fish farming is a problem especially in sea areas where extensive fish farming is practised.

As a result of the growing environmental problems, there is a big worldwide demand for fish farming methods that do not burden the environment.

In Finland and many other countries, the climate creates challenges for fish farming. Indoor aquaculture solves many of these problems and also enables the commercial farming of new species.

Arvo-Tec Oy’s feeding and recirculation technology makes it possible to increase the production of fish farms while reducing environmental impact. The reduced environmental impact is a result of automated, very precise feeding and recirculation technology, where the water used is cleaned, oxygenated and returned to the breeder tanks.