Ruukintie 45, 79620 HUUTOKOSKI
Tel. +358 20 729 9910

Efficient and environmentally friendly production technology

Expert in feeding technology

Arvo-Tec Oy develops and produces feeding technology for fish farms. Approximately 90% of our production is exported.

The first development steps of the company’s technology were taken in the mid-1980s. Arvo-Tec Oy, which is focused only on the development and production of technology, was established in 1994.

Arvo-Tec Oy was a winner of the InnoFinland prize in 2002 for the development of environmentally friendly fish farming technology.

Arvo-Tec Oy is part of the Huutokoski Arvokala group. Arvokala is one on Finland’s oldest aquaculture companies, with operations since 1969.

Unlike many other firms in the industry, Arvo-Tec Oy can provide proven solutions for nearly every type of fish farms, from fry farms, further breeding farms, indoor farms, ground tank farms, net cages and recirculation farms. Our products have been tested in intense international competition. Furthermore we develop, produce and supply recirculation technology.