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Efficient and environmentally friendly production technology

Arvo-Tec Oy

Aquaculture technology with solid expertise

Our technology has been finely honed for almost 40 years in the aquaculture field. This experience ensures reliable function and minimal maintenance of our products. 

The biological mathematical model and the features in the control system are developed in co-operation with leading international researchers, companies and most of all our customers. 

Feeding into individual basins or groups is adjusted according to temperature and oxygen levels. The system then makes use of the in built energy demand model and feeding formulas for different species of fish to calculate the ideal daily dose for maximized growth with minimal wasted energy.

For more sophisticated RAS farms we provide several measuring and alarm systems that can be integrated.

 We utilize remote connection with our customers systems as standard for direct online support with minimal response time, should any unexpected problems arise.

Environmentally friendly production technology for fish farmers

Arvo-Tec Oy specializes in feeding systems for freshwater farms that produce fry, and in water recirculation technology that minimises environmental impact and optimises growing conditions.